About Us

Smoke Out Tallahassee is a campaign effort created and led by the trusted physicians and staff of North Florida Women's Care (NFLWC) to promote smoking cessation, educate the community about the dangers of tobacco use and provide support for women fighting this unhealthy habit. NFLWC is dedicated to the overall health of women and babies, including providing health resources to the community. This team identified a need to improve the local resources available to help individuals quit smoking. SOT provides facts and figures on the health effects of smoking, information regarding smoking cessation and a list of resources that are available in the Big Bend.


Robert Ashmore, MD

A.J. Brickler, III, MD

Arthur Clements, MD, Ph.D

David Dixon, DO

Alex Franz, MD

Andrea Friall, MD

Kenneth McAlpine, MD

Vikki McKinnie, MD

David O'Bryan, MD

Lori Rosenberg, MD

Christopher Sundstrom, MD